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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  July 2, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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passenger rights, a nightmare for commuters, prompted a maryland congressman to take action. >> i'm mary bubala. people are talking about, angry hot and frustrated passenger. problems continue to plating riders. now congressman dutch ruppersberger is bringing a commuter's bill of rights to washington. >> the horror stories of airplanes holding passengers on and on tarmacs and runways, led to a passenger bill of rights
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for passengers. the breakdown left 900 passengers stranded in sweltering conditions, no air- conditioning, no relief. >> there was no air- conditioning, no electricity. >> no one is in control of the marc commuter system. >> reporter: that prompted congressman dutch ruppersberger to introduce a bill guaranteeing a passenger bill rough rights. >> it requires them to provide passenger with adequate foorksd water, restroom, ventilation and medical services as well as a time frame under which passengers can exit the vehicle after three hours. >> i think it's a great idea. i would hate to be on that plane. >> reporter: they don't expect that legislation to leave the station soon. a lot of details would have to be worked out, like the use of
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fines. back to you on tv hill. >> if it becomes law, ruppersberger's bill with extend to other commuter services such as buses, subway and ferry. traj dpi in a baltimore bar. a u.s. marine has been killed in a late night shooting. denise has more. >> reporter: the active duty marine was 236-year-old chase henry love from new orleans. less say he was celebrating his deployment to afghanistan with fellow marines at a club on baltimore street. a fight broke out and the young man was shot on the dance floor just after 3:00 this morning. no gun was found. police have no suspects. on june 5th, a marine, tyrone brown was killed outside a baltimore city nightclub. thank you. in january a marine from potomac was stabbed to death after a house party in
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northeast baltimore. a young man in brooklyn park was found shot to death. shots rang out at 5:30 last night on audrey avenue. witnesses saw two people fleeing from the scene. those two suspects are still at large no a suspicious death under investigation in baltimore county. officers in essex found a young man suffering in -- from a gunshot wound on 900 block of sandalwood road. no record on a -- word on a suspect. >> bob ehrlich is running for maryland's top office. he is challenging current governor governor martin o'malley. ehrlich introduced his running
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mate mary kane. some sobering news about the oil's path. experts say it -- there's an 80% chance it will reach the florida keys and miami. tourist towns are hurting this holiday weekend since visitors can't use the beaches. we have the report from alabama where a group of little leaguers is stimulating business. >> reporter: when the tippy hawks little league team from lafayette, indiana, planned their tournament in orange beach, alabama, it was two months ago. they were hopeful by the time they got here, the oil spill would be cleaned up and they could play ball and enjoy the beach. >> we looked at the site. they said the beaches would be open. >> i was hoping we could go in the ocean. >> reporter: the 7-year-olds and their patients had to find
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fun off the sand. they swam in their hotel pool in the rain, hunted for inland alligators and, of course, played baseball. the global baseball world series planned months in advance may help the hotels and restaurants in gulf shores and orange beach. in the next two weeks close to 250 teens will bring more than 10,000 people to the area. these white sand beaches usually lure the most tourists. the 4th of july weekend is huge, but this weekend is anything but normal. they say only half as many are visiting as did last year. win or lose, the tippy hawks say they'll take home memories. >> well, we've been swimming and running around the hotel. >> even though we're not out on the beach, we are making an impasse just by being here.
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>> reporter: still, some tourists have made it oblivious. >> some of the oil skimming boats have ventured back into the gulf. >> now on to the heat that has broken records in maryland. the state is reporting its sixth heat related death of the year. the most recent death is an adult from montgomery county. unlike the previous five cases, this victim was not elderly and did not have serious underlying health problems. state officials say the victim was found outside. we have definitely had a break from that steamy heat, but it's on its way back. your holiday weekend is a little bit of a different story. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob has the updated numbers
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first from first warning weather. >> we've had a heck of a summer, cool neats, beautiful afternoon. blue sky, wall to wall, not a drop of rain. 81. humidity at 21%. north winds at five. speaking of rain, let's take a look at the interesting numbers. at the end of march we were an inch and a of a above normal. as of today we've gone down. most occurred during june, minus 1.8 inches. with all the hot temperatures, the ground has dried up. it's very, very dry conditions around the region. looks like there's no rain in our immediate -- our immediate forecast. we'll have the numbers coming up in a few minutes. >> lots of folks hitting the roads. let's check in with sharon
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gibala. that is, for sure. roads are busy. first, we have some accidents, 295 at 32 blocking two left lanes. it's a 10-minute back ju. this is westbound lanes of pulaski highway. take sinclair instead. there's an accident on green spring and one on parksville and at moravia. then it slows between heath avenue and the beltway. then take a look at this delay. you're looking at two separate backups on 50 if are a headed to the shore. the first one from west street to severn river bridge and richie highway to the bay bridge. so big delays if you're headed to the shore. there's a live look at the
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beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's carpet, discount prices. bill's as it all for you. back over to you, mary. a divorce settlement for tiger woods could be filed in florida within a week. everyone is talking about the hush money his wife may get. some reportings indicate a $750 million payout. >> reporter: $750 million is what tiger woods could reportedly pay to end his five- year marriage. exchange for all that cash reports say elin nordegren would get custody of the two children and has to agree to the to talk in public about the mearming. >> this hush money, the rationalization, pay more for hush money. >> reporter: forbes magazine said woods is only worth $600 million. the deal reportedly gives wood
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the visitation rights but the golfer would not be allowed to bring single women around. both parents will make decisions about their future. they will divide numerous homes in the u.s. and sweden. >> i know i have bitterly disappointed all of you. >> reporter: woods has admitted to a string of marital infidelities. she has never spoke in trouble about their troubled marriage. she could file divorce papers in a florida court in the coming days. joel brown. >> wood's story went public after a car accident in november of last year. still ahead on wjz news at 14, fire threatens las vegas. is your lifeguard paying
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attention? the hidden danger that could be at your local pool. cot economic recovery be stalling? some bad news from the jobs report. what's in store for the 4th of july weekend. bob will update our forecast for the holiday plans coming up. ,,,,,,,, [ air blowing ]
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residents of one texas town are calling the flooding there the worst they've ever seen. cars were left sub merged under three feet of water. several highways were closed. still, some trucks drove through. residents are still surveying the damage. forecasters say more rain is on the way. firefighters in nevada are battling two separate wildfires that forced people near las vegas to evacuate their homes. this blaze northeast of sin
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city damaged or destroyed 10 homes and five other buildings. in another fire to the west, firefighters are fighting a 20- acre wildfire. officials say both were started by people. with summer in full swing, pools are a popular lay traction, but there's an important reminder, that the day at a pool can quickly turn to tragedy. we have the danger on drowning. >> reporter: he was 4 when his parents took him to summer camp. >> i remember when they left him in the morning, he said, mommy, i'm so happy, bye-bye. i'll sew you late -- see you later. >> reporter: that was the last time they saw him alive. >> you think you can do everything for your child. >> reporter: he drowned on his very first day of camp. the drowning was caught on this
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video camera. you see him struggling to reach the end of the poo. finally he is floating phase down in the water. even with two lifeguards feet away it took eight minutes to notice. >> the lifeguard failed to recognize the problem and intervene. >> reporter: he said many people get a false sense of security when a lifeguard is on duty. >> we estimate 100 plus drownings. >> reporter: we decided to check out lifeguards on duty at several different news. the good news, we found plenty paying attention but some were not has focused like this one pat -- at an indoor pool flipping through a magazine. >> that should not be allowed. >> reporter: this life guard is putting away swimming nulleds. >> she should never turn her
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back. >> reporter: she also did paperwork and sent text messages. >> it has in place. >> reporter: this one we found her texting over and over again, even though the pool was filled with children. on a scale of one to 10, one being pretty bad, 10 being good, how does this rank? >> zero. you're better off having a seen with no lifeguard on duty than having a lifeguard operate in this manner. >> reporter: when it comes to pool safety, nothing beats parental supervision. investors have a lot to think about over this holiday weekend. the markets lost more ground closing out a dismal week. the dow is down 46 points, still below that 10,000 park.
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down five, nasdaq down 10. let's go to new york where alexis christoforous has the cbs money watch update. >> there are reports that the economic recovery is slowing. 120,000 jobs were lost last month, mostly due to temporary census work. about 650,000 of those unemployed have given up and stopped looking for work. that pushed the unemployment down to 9 1/2. people who are no longer searching for a job are not counted as unemployed. encouraging news, private companies added 83 jobs. the government is investigating possible steering problems in two types of cars. drivers have reported losing power steering in the mazda three made from 2007 to 2009 and those belt between 2003 and '05.
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there have been 140 complaints and four crashes tide to the prob -- tied to the problem. apple says it is stunned to find out that the iphones have experienced reception problems for years. the company said the phones used the wrong formula. there are complaints that the time of the phone dropped calls. apple is facing three class action lawsuits, but the company said it will offer a fix. stay with at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. baltimore's harbor place opened 30 years ago today. the water front location is the site of dozens of city wide celebrations. there will be plenty of things to do. from 7 to 9 enjoy a free
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concert or take part in an '80s costume contest. wjz is a proud sponsor of the chesapeake 4th of july inner harbor celebration. the fireworks show starts at 9:30. coming up at 4, millions of american kids play soccer and they could be at risk. ahead in healthwatch, experts say byes and girls suffer -- boys and girls suffer different types of injuries. grab the lawn chair and blanket. it's time for the little italy film festival. a preview of coming attractions, coming up on wjz. comfortable and breezy or hot and sticky. we'll have your holiday weekend forecast just ahead. wjz is always on. for instant updates, click on
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we've got some hot weather
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coming, the kind of weather we saw a week ago with temperatures in the upper nos norksz maybe a few 100-degree days. right now it's beautiful, 81. 43 dew point. you won't see that for awhile either. humidity 26%. keep in mind how dry this air is. 43 dew point is very low, especially for july. winds north at five. the barometer is holding study. 79 elkton. they were in the 40s this morning. 79, comfortable in cumberland. 74 on the forward walk in ocean city. beautiful weather heading down that way. a lot of sunshine. the water temperatures warmed up really, really pleasant. winds have been generally light out of the north and the northeast. the prob lem is these wind also start turning more to the west southwest. when they come west, they come
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down the mountains and start to heat up, but they remain dry. high pressure right here, right now sitting pretty much from maryland to the great lakes. that is a dry area of high pressure. the air is sinking. that's going to move off the east coast. the winds go back to the west southwest. initially this will get warmer this weekend, maybe into the mid-90s, but it will be rather dry. however, by next week as the high get further off to the southeast, that moisture really comes back. by monday night, tuesday, wednesday, even into thursday, not only will there be high temperatures well above normal but very humid, so we'll have poor area quality and also red flag warning. overnight tonight very comfortable, continues as the
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high moves off. here comes the heat and eventually humidity. dew points will be in the 50s. it will be hot. so, yes, july 4th will be sunny and hot. southwest around five knots. bay temps around 82. tonight the last col night. -- cool night. back up to 90 tomorrow. it will be drier tomorrow. even though it will be much warmer, it will be relatively comfortable. >> you can enjoy the day. thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's cbs prime- time. it's masn on wjz this weekend as the 's head to boston. -- o's head to boston. you can see it right here on
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wjz 13. scott has a preview of what's coming up on the "cbs evening news." >> help spent decades -- he spent decades honoring those who died for our freedom. it's in tonight's american spirit, only on the "cbs evening news." documents unsealed. soon, new light will be shed on the murder of yeardley love. the so much for a sex offender who struck inside a local mall. major developments in the bust of an alleged russian spy ring. the search continues for an escaped suspect. eyewitness news at 4 continues with denise and [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well. and eating well means getting enough whole grain and calcium. and general mills big g kid cereals can help. did you know it's the only leading line of kid cereals
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it is 4:30, 1 degrees and -- 81 degrees and sunny. >> new clues and new information about the group of russian spies arrested here in the u.s. prosecutors say two of them are admitting to using fake names. >> reporter: much of the evidence connected to this month claire, new jersey house, two of the suspects who call themselves richard and cynthia murphy. 100 encrypted messages have been found. the head prosecutors said a safe deposit box had eighten marked envelopes. each contained $10,000 and new $100 bills. in addition, hidden microphones picked up potentially incriminating conversations in the yompinger's home owned by
4:32 pm
two others. they talked about cash saying the money was coat quote in -- quote in the photography bag. now lazaro has admitted to working with the russians. he says while he loves his son he with not violate his loyalty. the case has become a sensation due, in part, to the alleged involvement of social light anna chap man, but there's no evidence that chapman or her codefendants did any real damage. >> i would say they were minor league. someone am moscow was happy to have them. police are looking for the time suspect. law enforcement officials said
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that man was arrested tuesday in cypress. it's been almost two months since the murder of yeardley love. we have the latest. >> the documents could be released to the public as early as next thursday. the 22-year-old university of virginia la crosse player from cockeysville was found dead in her party in may. her former boyfriend george huguely admitted to slamming her against a wall. the documents include details from searches of cards and a list of what was found in the two students' apartments. >> the judge said information about phone and email searches would re mane secret. a man faces sex charges in anne arundel county. it happened at the westfield
4:34 pm
annapolis maw. officers were called to the scene after reports of the man touching her inappropriately. the man was detained and is now charged with a sexual offense. the environment hall protection agency wants maryland and other states to do more to clean up the chess is a poke bay. the epa is placing tough pollution caps that would force six steps, including maryland to double the pace. it would require costly upgrades to sewage treatment plants. the epa will review state feedback. the new unemployment report is out and the news is birth sweat for unemployed americans. many are still looking for a job. we have the report from washington. >> reporter: 225,000 jobs were lost in one month, most pause of temporary census work coming
4:35 pm
to an end. to the unemployed the economy looks in bad shape. >> i think it's a terrible place right now. it's awful. >> reporter: in the private sector employers added 83,000 jobs, an improvement from may but still weak. >> there isn't enough jobs. >> reporter: the overall jobless rate dropped to 9 1/2%, the lowest in a year. that's whom because thousands of people gave up their job searches. all told more than 14 million people are unemployed. >> best case scenario we're stuck in neutral. >> reporter: wall street was hoping for something better. the stock market headed lower. president obama admitted the economy has a long way to go. he promised to create new jobs to expand broad band internet access. >> the long term gains will be
4:36 pm
immeasurable. >> reporter: tough times could get tougher for the long term unemployed. >> it's scary having a family at home, you have to live on unemployment. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act by the end of the month to extend those payments, more than 3 million people will lose that lifeline. in new york, alexis christoforous, wjz, eyewitness news. >> republican lawmakers say extending the benefits would add to the deficit not president's health care overhaul could lead to longering waits while in the emergency room. it could leave americans in the er. the biggest group using emergency rooms are medicaid patients. the new law will increase their ranks pie 16 million people -- by 16 million people. a new report suggests more
4:37 pm
and more players are getting sidelined with soccer injuries. those injuries vary depending on the child's gender. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: 15-year-old tj is back in the game after a broken ankle side lined him for six months. >> cleats up into the side of my ankle. >> reporter: close to 200,000 kids are injured every year on the soccer field. research shows boys and girls get hurt differently. like tj most boys hurt their ankles. girls hurt their knees. >> dpirls and differently than boys. >> reporter: the chances of kids getting hurt increase as they get older. boys tend to play harder, but
4:38 pm
girls suffer more concussions. >> one thought is their neck muscles are not as strong as boys so they may not be able to absorb impact. >> reporter: unlike sports such has baseball or swimming, soccer injuries are not from overuse. they need to stretch and warm up before a game. tj had to go through physical therapy and personal soccer training. despite hesitation at first, he's now back on the playing field. in new york, randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> more than 3 million children play soccer through school and youth leagues. dr. pepper is getting back to basics as the soda celebrates its 125th anniversary. they're make the soda with real sugar. that's not the only throwback. cans and bottles will also
4:39 pm
feature old logos. we're crossing our fingers for the 4th of july weekend. here's a live look. what about your holiday weekend. wjz has weather. >> it's going to get hot this weekend. the good news, it won't be all that humid until early next week. temperatures will go up. humidity at 26%. dew point's been in the 40s. this weekend dew points would get back up into the mid-50s, but our temperatures are going to be rising as high pressure over us right now slowly sinks off the east coast. the winds become more west, southwest. temperatures tomorrow about eight or nine degrees warmer than today. by july the fourth we're talking temperatures probably in the low to mid-90s. it will feel like the mid-90 by sunday. denise? >> let's check on the roads
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with sharon gibala. hello, sharon. >> as you can imagine, everyone is headed down to the people. you can tell looking at 50. that was 50 at sandy point the first one is running from west to the severn river bridge and the second one to recchi highway. those almost linked to the bay bridge. expect big days. big delays on 295 north at 32. we had an earlier accident. it's a 50 minute backup. a wreck in rosedale block west pulaski. take sinclair. a wreck in lutherville. one in parkville at east joppa. 95 northbound still slow from 395 to the tunness. another 16 minutes from keith
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avenue. there's a look at your drive time and speeds on the beltway. there's a look at 95, heat avenue to the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. vest 1-800-the firm. it's going to be a beautiful night in baltimore. how about taking in a movie. ron matz reports on the little italy film festival. >> the bells of st. leos. the delicious pastries, just part of the sounds and sights of little italy. >> you've got it come. >> reporter: tonight moon struck kicks off. >> i think it's awesome for the community. it brings people together. this brings a lot of people down to little italy to see a
4:42 pm
what's going on. >> reporter: it wouldn't have happened without this 101-year- old. he lives across the street from the big screen. the projector is in his house in a third floor rom. >> you watch 2,000 people spread out over here. >> reporter: a beautiful night to enjoy a baltimore summer. >> it's a good way to bring not only community members together but also people who are just wanting to come out and have a date. >> reporter: the music starts at 7:00. the popcorn is free. show time 9:00. >> i want everybody to come to little italy, all the flavors and come see the film festival. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz,
4:43 pm
eyewitness news. >> the little italy film festival continues for the next nine weeks. for a complete list of the movies go to and bring your own popcorn, too. >> i can play the accordian. >> oh, little. >> just a little, but i actually can. straight ahead, remembering a senator. washington honors robert byrd. and it's not your average highway chase. a moose on the loose in maine. plus, bob will have the updated forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president obama, former president clinton and vice- president joe biden were among those who showed up for the
4:47 pm
late senator. byrd died monday at the age of 92. the texas capitol in austin was evacuated this morning after a man called 911 with a bomb threat. he said there was a bomb in the east and west wings that were set to go off at 9:00. officers qawcted -- qawcted and -- evacuated and searched, but no bombs were found. crews are working to clear 22 pallets of coors light 12 packs that are piled up on the side of the road. a motorist apparently cut off the big rig causing it to swerve. soon, blind people will be able to drive their own cars. we have more on this ground break development. >> reporter: the national federation of the blind is teaming up to turn a seemingly impossible feat into reality.
4:48 pm
vehicles can be outfitted with sensors to determine if there's another car near by next january organizers plan to showcase the prototype at the daytona international speedway. >> advocates say the safety still has to be proven. a moose on the loose kept police busy in portland, maine. the suspect was seen strolling on city streets and several backyards. police had trouble trying to keep up with the surprisingly fast animal. they herded her, the female, back into the woods. kelsey grammar announced he's divorcing his wife over twitter. >> reporter: coming up on entertainment tonight hollywood splits. it all unfolded yesterday on
4:49 pm
twitter. kelsey grammar announcing his 12 year marriage to his wife is ending. he confirmed it in a series of tweets. yes, it's true. they shared two children together it's been reported that tiger woods has agreed to a divorce with soon to be ex- wife elin. reports his net worth at $600 million and a divorce settlement would only be a fraction of that amount. the biggest cheating scandal is sure to be the year's most expensive. we'll have tiger -- tiger and all of the scandals coming up. >> you can see it here at 7:30. women make it look easy but running in heels is no small feat. men in spain decided to take on the challenge. 14 men turned out.
4:50 pm
i guess you have to be topless, too. the race is part of a week long gay pride sell breachghts the winner received a $500 check. >> with their feet taped up like they're going to a sporting event. >> weight until you see those bunions. hot and sunny holiday weekend. >> we'll have the forecast right after this commercial break. ,,,,,,,,
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look at that. there's tv hill dry weather. dry and cool. tomorrow still rather dry. right now 81. think about this dew point. we told you how important dew point s the dew point's very low at 43 degrees. humidity is low at 26%. north winds at five. around the state 74 ocean city.
4:54 pm
only 6 in oakland. only in the mid-60s yesterday and this morning in the 40s. 81 in washington. 70s close to the water. this weekend the cool place to be. long the boches as well. there will be a knows ocean rose keeking. the wart temperatures last reported around 70, 72 degrees which is as warm as it's been. rote now a light north wind, continued bringing this dry air mass. then the winds will slow le go back to the west, southwest. that is going to allow warmer temperatures. initially it won't be all that humid but warmer. by monday, tuesday, wednesday, the tropical humidity will start moving back into the region, lots of thunderstorms with this frontal boundary. for us sunshine, wall to walk
4:55 pm
-- wall. in rain in the forecast. just a gradual, gradual warmup. by early next woke just plain hot and sticky. high pressure very comfortable. low humidity. the temperatures go back up into the mid-90s but rather dry. boy monday humidity starts coming back. tuesday and wednesday of next week hot and humid, absolutely. we'll be dealing with all those issues next woke. southwest winds at five knots. 82. :37. tonight clear skies, very comfortable. 57 to the mid-60s and tomorrow. it goes right back up, close to 90. it wouldn't feel that humid, just a lot warmer. still not oppressive op the 4th of july many by next week we'll call it very uncomfortable. >> okay. thank you.
4:56 pm
>> still to come -- >> a marine celebrating his redeployment is shot and killed in baltimore. now police are searching for how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to
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a marine was gunned down in baltimore and we're live with the latest on the investigation. >> >> i'm alex demetrick and coming up, hiserer i an marc ride could lead to better rides. and i'm jessica kartalija in baltimore county, coming up, all you need to know if you're heading out of town this weekend. that's coming up in a live
4:59 pm
report check in for more news stories. eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. senseless slaying. a marine was shot dead before deploying to afghanistan. >> tonight, the police search for clues. hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> and i'm vic carter. kai has the day off. an active duty marine was killed today. wjz is live at the city police head quarters. gigi barnett is following the latest inveat


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